The, Up, And Away Essay

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Up, Up, and Away

“Kyan! Watch where you’re going, dude!” He barely missed a tree limb, flying at almost one hundred miles per hour. “You’re going to kill yourself.” “Sorry,” he muttered. We were getting our daily exercise in, which consists of flying for around three hours, give or take a few. You are probably wondering, what are these kids flying? A plane? A helicopter? Nope, neither. The only thing we have with wings is ourselves. Yep, you heard me right. Don’t bother rereading that sentence because I know you read it right the first time. We have wings. Therefore, we can fly, and yes, we are humans. For the most part anyway. Ninety-six percent of our DNA is human; the other four percent is avain. Who knew four percent could change so much? “We” consists of myself, Skyler, Flynn, Melody, and Kyan. I’m fourteen and also the oldest. Flynn is also fourteen, but he was born four months later. Haha. Melody is eleven, and Kyan, bringing in the rear, is ten, making him the youngest. It has just been the four of us for as long as I can remember. Almost. I remember very little, but I remember enough of my past for it to scar me, probably forever. In a nutshell, all of our parents knew each other and were good friends before any of us were even born. How they knew each other still remains a mystery to the four of us. No one says it aloud, but we all know that my father is the one to blame for this whole mess. Growing up, my father was always obsessed with birds. They were…

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