The Unknown Suspect ( S ) Essay

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Unknown suspect(s) entered the vacant property through a window, located on the north side of the property.

Location: This property is a single story family house. The house has a swinging wooded gate at the driveway. The property’s perimeter is fenced by a wooden fence on the North, South and East side of the property. The south side has a large wall that belongs to a commercial building. The property has windows on all four sides. It the front door of the property faces east and the side door faces south. In this investigation, the unknown suspect(s) entered through a window located on the north side of the property. Investigation:

On Friday, April 29, 2016 at approximately 1117 hours, Officer Crawford (#1600) and I (Officer Guerrero #3310) were dispatched to 25 N. Sunnyslope Avenue regarding a residential burglary report. Upon our arrival, I contacted the reporting party (Jorge Agular DOB: 10/25/81) who related the following:

Agular stated currently he is the listing agent for the property (25 N. Sunnyslope Avenue). Agular stated that this morning he received a text message from an agent (Cindy unk. last name 818-337-8002) who told him she showed the property to a client, on 04/28/2016, she noticed homeless people had left personal items inside the property and that she believed they were possibly living in the home. Cindy asked Agular should go to the residence and check on the property. Agular stated the last time he was at the location was on…

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