Essay about The University Of Wisconsin Madison

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I’d like to begin by saying congratulations on your acceptance into the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Whether or not you’ve had the chance to tour the campus, I’m confident you’ll walk away learning something new. This tour has been specifically designed by the Multicultural Student Center to help point out resources aimed at creating a more inclusive and safe environment for our incoming students. We’ll make stops at some of the places on campus that have helped foster minority student life. This by no means is an exhaustive list; it’s goal is to highlight some examples that can guide you in the beginning, in hopes of helping you make connections from there. Before we start, I want to emphasize how important this information will be for you. All of you are here to further your education, but it’s important to create a healthy headspace for that to happen. The places we’ll visit today can serve to be that safe space for you, and help you to find your connection with what you learn on this campus. Our first stop is the Red Gym, home to the Morgridge Center for Public Service and the LGBT Campus Center on the first floor. It also houses the Multicultural Student Center on the second floor. The MSC is actually a collection of many student services, including the OMAI First Wave Office, Posse Program Office, Indian Students Association, African Students Association, and other multicultural student organizations. The Red Gym’s facilities offer students space to…

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