Community Reflection

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My Cedar Riverside Journey to Brain Coyle Center
Kouzes and Posner stated, “You must unite your constituents around a common cause and connect with them as human beings.” Brain Coyle Center provides a platform for integrating low income minorities with this wonderful town called Cedar Riverside. The plethora of services they provide illustrates how they connect human beings to create an atmosphere of enriched community.
The tour at Brain Coyle Center has been a unique experience. There were a few knowns and a lot of unknowns. My initial thought process going to the center was, I have been there before to play basketball, what else can I learn. How naïve of me, because there were more to the center than I could ever imagine. This experience has taught me a lot, but also gave me somethings to think about in the Cedar community. All the speakers did a great job in helping our class learn that Brain Coyle Center serves all communities and for all reasons. Individuals who want to play basketball, receive assistance and food, and ESL classes can benefit from just showing up at the center. They service many things for the community and it’s the community’s job to take advantage of these services.
Before I go on to share positive experience about how great my journey was, there were things that gave me cause to pause. While I love the center and its resources, I do have a bone to pick with them regarding the lack of presence at the University of Minnesota. I do feel that this

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