Essay about The University Of North Carolina

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The University of North Carolina is known as the “University of the People.” Until the 20th century, however, the people the University represented were of a specific niche: white men. With the integration of minorities and women into the University, well over a hundred years after it first opened its doors, came an influx of students from all backgrounds. Despite its liberal reputation and its number of like-minded undergraduates, the University is also home to conservative students who still ascribe to the values reminiscent of the “traditional” Christian, white, and male-dominated American South. Within this diverse student body is its members’ differing views on topics such as reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, and same-sex adoption. Within the institutions of politics and religions exists varying belief systems that influence their followers’ views on social issues. The stances of university students, along with their own political and religious beliefs, can be analyzed with the data collected from the sociological survey of current undergraduates at the University. Although the survey’s respondents were equally divided in gender, most of the students surveyed were white at 55.57%. The second highest race chosen by participants was black with 18.05%. Only 12.63% of the respondents identified as Hispanic or Latino. Almost three-quarters of the respondents identified with the Southeast, a historically conservative region of the United States, and 84.10%…

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