The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Essay

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1084
Several events throughout the year of 1984 helped shape the University of North Carolina into the institution that is today. The university is always evolving and changing to meet the needs of its current students and this year was no different. Led by Chancellor Christopher C. Fordham, expansion to the school, changes in institutional policy, and excellence in athletics and academics from the hard work of several notable individuals helped to form the rich history and tradition ingrained into UNC.
Construction of the Davis library began in 1983 and continued until it’s completion in 1984. Once the library finally opened it gave students access to more than 400,000 square feet of of room to study. However, not everyone had pleasant things to say about it opening. There were complaints of the library was being abused, specifically by undergraduate students. This ultimately lead to discussion of banning undergraduates from the Davis library. There are several specific instances reported in the “letters to the editor” in the February 15th, 1984 edition of the Daily Tar Heel. These were written shortly after the opening of the library. Mary Margaret Richards, a graduate student in the English department claims that undergraduate students were frequently “hanging over the balcony screaming to friends below, holding noisy social hours, making out in the study lounges and enjoying the thrill of sneaking contraband…

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