The United States Essay

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The sense of identification of each individual is essential because it defines how we see ourselves and it influences how we act and lead our lives. Significantly, the identity of each person is primarily shaped by the surrounding cultural, economic, political, and social factors. Having developed in Colombia, my character and identity are greatly influenced by the prevailing culture, the long-existing heritage, and the magnificent history. More importantly, who I am as a person has been a result of the distinctive familial influences and the diverse meaningful experiences that compose my life. In particular, the transition of moving to the United States, had a profound impact on the way I viewed myself and the world around me. As an immigrant in the United States, I directly experienced the adversities and benefits of this process. And, despite the numerous controversial arguments on this issue, I do support immigration in the United States.
The main elements that came to define who I am today were initially formed and developed as I was born and raised in a small city located in the Andes mountain ranges of Colombia. This city, called Manizales, is positioned within a larger region known as Caldas, Colombia; the territory where my entire family originated. All the members of my family, having originated from the same region, share an ancestry of Spaniard and Indigenous influences. Both of my maternal grandparents have lived in a central city called Pereira. In their young…

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