The United States War With Iraq Essay

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1. Introduction

United States war with Iraq have been going on for many years because United States believe that the September 11th attack on the World Trade center had something to do with the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein at the time. United States emerged as the victor but at Iraq’s expenses. Iraq have to suffer political issues like civil wars and failing government because of terrorist groups. Iraq’s economy suffer greatly with unemployment rate going high. Socially Iraqi people have to live in fear and is lacking basic necessities. This essay will discuss the consequences for Iraq in the three criteria mentioned above.

2. Consequences for Iraq
2.1. Political consequences
2.1.1. New government was not very successful

Civil wars occurring in Iraq nowadays is due to the American overthrowing Saddam Hussein and setting up the new government carelessly. Saddam Hussien was associated the 9/11 attack by the terrorist groups, the invasion of Kuwait, and the beliefs of the existence of weapons of mass destruction; gave enough reasons for the United States to attack Iraq. The US succeeded in doing so and set up a new government for Iraq. The new government mainly consist of the Shia people. The new government did not receive much support from the people mainly due to the fact that Middle-Eastern people do not like United States. This new government starts to suppress the Sunni minorities and eradicate Sunnis working for the government. This angered a lot of the Sunni and they…

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