The United States Of America Essay

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The United States of America is famous for the giant gun industry and for the freedom of gun owning. Every year, millions of firearms manufactured in America and set to public. According to Firearms Commerce in the United States Annual Statistical Update, 8,578,610 sophisticated firearms produced in 2012. This number is three times higher than what has been produced in late 80’s. The production of firearms increases year by year. As stated by Swiss Research Center Small Arms Survey, United States of America ranks first in the world for the number of firearms per capita: 100 residents of America accounts for about 89 weapons. United States of America is a modernized country where the support for guns is on a higher level. The second amendment of the constitution rights of people to keep and bear arms, due to this amendment firearm are widespread, however mass shootings are widespread as well. Every year various mass shooting occurs across the country. Only in 2015, 23 mass college shootings happened. All these shootings involved sophisticated firearms that have been legally and illegally obtained by killers. But, in most cases shooters obtained guns legally. Many politicians of the United States of America argue that the purpose of permitting firearms to its citizens is for self-defense purposes. However, all these school shootings where firearms discharged and many people killed was not happening for self-defense. After numerous mass shootings that have occurred in America’s…

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