Essay about The United States Healthcare System

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The American Healthcare System is a jumbled mess of privatization, bureaucracy, corruption, and greed. It’s rare to find an individual of the U.S who is actually a fan of the current system in place, so it gets you wondering why haven’t we changed it yet? Well, the answer is not as straightforward as one might think. In Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary, “Sicko”, Moore attempts to expose the root problems that plague our system, and while I truly do agree with his opinions, I must say out of conscious that there were some facts that were omitted. Nonetheless, the United States Healthcare System is fundamentally flawed to its very core, from its commodification of its citizen’s basic health, to the stipulation in place for acquiring healthcare.
Moore’s depiction of the U.S. Healthcare System is riddled with far too common anecdotes of individuals not being able to afford the care the need. Left and right we are presented with frustration from these individuals about the system, even those who had quality health care were plagued with debt and not being able to acquire the treatment they needed. Healthcare is a privilege, not a right of the citizens in this country. In 2012, 80 million Americans said they had skipped or delayed getting needed health care or filling prescriptions because of the cost. More than a quarter (28 percent) of adults with a chronic health condition said they had skipped doses or not filled a prescription for their health condition because of the cost…

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