The United States Health Care Essay

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The United States Health Care System is struggling to keep up with the health care needs of vulnerable populations. The vulnerable population could have low income levels, are more “at-risk” to diseases, elderly and even infants. The first step to help this population is to create a needs assessment that will help figure out where access to certain health care areas are needed. The second step would be to come up with solutions to figure out how to fix these problems. Overall, the goal is to make it easier for the vulnerable population to get their health care needs. Access to good healthcare can mean many things. There could be a lack of the specific medical needs such as hospitals and doctor offices. People may not have access to healthier foods. Many people may not have the proper knowledge or education for the right meals that are nutritional. These are the things that a needs assessment could help find out by creating the right survey. By gathering the local community health departments, they could help create the assessment by what they have found to be problematic in their communities. Then, they can research data that has been found to see if this matches up to what they thought to be problematic. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, a person should look for key issues that occur and reoccur during the time they are collecting and analyzing data. The next step is to come with solutions to these problems. The basic problems are the ones I mentioned in…

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