Essay about The United States And America

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We as Americans live pretty comfortable lives compared to others around the world. We have the luxury to not have to worry about basic necessities that are needed for our survival. Water, shelter, food, are all things we take for granted. The majority of us will never want for anything, as everything and anything is right at our disposals. From the current iPhone, to the brand new car off the line. Anything and everything is here for us, some great and some bad. Guns continue to be widely available for anyone to purchase in America. The United States possess the poorest gun laws of any nation in the world. Ironically, it’s easier for someone to purchase a gun in America, than it is to be financed for a new mortgage. A majority of gun buyers will not even have to submit to a background check. Currently, only eight states require a background check at point of sale. Furthermore, certain states also make it a piece of cake for a person to conceal carry. Wyoming. Being one of those states allows an individual to carry a concealed gun with no documentation required. The fact that guns are so widely available across this nation, it’s no wonder why crime and violence is at an all-time high. Deaths from gun violence continues to rise year after year. Week after week tragedy’s strike the heart and soul of the American people. Gang Violence, school shooters, and Terrorist are taking away our safety. As a result, people no longer can feel safe when going about their daily lives. For…

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