The United States Air Force Essay

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The United States Air Force is the best branch of military that you can go into. The Air Force has by far the best benefits and the best way to branch out of the military to be able to have a career out side of the military. The Air Force is the best branch if you don’t want to be in combat compared to if you went to the Army or the Marines.(Today’s Military)
To get into the Air Force you have to have a high school degree or the equivalent to that. You also have to pass the (ASVAB) (military) which is a test that your score goes to what you can do if you make it in. If you take at least three years of college and the join you are automatically an officer granted you took the right classes. If you wanted to do this you could through the (ROTC) for the Army the (MECEP) for the Marines the (STA-21) for the Navy and the (AECP) for the Air Force. Going to college before joining has its benefits but if you do the officer program the military pays for just about everything like the tuition, room and board, books and uniform. But if you do this you have to serve in the military for a period after graduation you have to serve officer terms usually of five years.
The annual salary range is $18,802 for the enlisted and $35,668(Indeed) for an officer. So if you’re joining to become rich you’re in the wrong place. The armed forces are for serving your country and protecting to ones you love so anyone that has joined for the money usually doesn’t stay long.
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