The United Church Of Christ, By Howard W. Stone & James O Duke

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A-30 of The Leaders Box, a resource for church leaders in the United Church of Christ, contains information for one who is seeking to become an ordained minister. One of the requirements of a candidate for ordination is to provide their association committee on ministry with a paper “dealing with the person 's theological perspective and grasp of the historic Christian faith; understanding of the history, theological roots, polity and practice of the United Church of Christ; and the person 's faith pilgrimage and understanding of ministry.” The Leaders Box:

Howard W. Stone & James O Duke, in their book How to Think Theologically state, “To be a Christian at all is to be a theologian. There are no exceptions.” Google’s definition of a theologian is “a person who engages or is an expert in theology. Theology, according to Google is 1) the study of the nature of God and religious belief and 2) religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

It is with these definitions in mind that I prepare my paper for ordination. My journey to ordination has taken sixty years. The journey has been easygoing, yet difficult. Joy filled, and yet often full of sadness and frustration. My journey has been sixty years of walking with God, running to, and often from God, exploring, stumbling, falling, and climbing. It has been a journey of discovering the theology of me and how that theology is to be used to glorify our creator not…

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