The United Arab Emirates Case Study

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a fascinating country located southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia. The UAE, specifically Dubai, is considered one of the most desirable locations to have a head office. This is because the area is growing exponentially (Culture and Work Styles, 2014). In the UAE, everything revolves around the Islamic religion/law, especially the way they do business. As reflected in Chapter three of the textbook, Management Across Cultures, as manager coming in from the outside, it is important to know how culture impacts the ability to do their job (United Arab Emirates, 2014).
An example of why a manager in the UAE needs to understand how religion impacts their role, is that the Islam people must
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This allows them to be considered trustworthy and honorable. Rather than in an American culture we tend to be less personal and more professional.
• Once competence, trust and loyalty are established, they highly believe in doing favors for each other, and with that they never forget a favor they are given.
Because the global manager will not only be in business situation as they all need to understand life outside of the office. Therefore, as with business etiquette there is personal etiquette that a manager needs to be aware of (U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council, 2014). These include:
• Similar to meeting in the American culture there will be beverage and snacks; in the Middle East culture they take pride in showing an over-the-top display of generosity for their guests.
• When offered a beverage it is considered polite to always accept, this will show respect. Also it is considered polite to leave a little bit of ones meal on the plate when finished, as opposed to cleaning off your plate.
• It is inappropriate to inquire about a man’s female family members; that is considered to be a private matter. However it is polite to ask about the health of the
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A global manager needs to be aware of the many difference and value that their religion holds in their day to day lives. Researching the countries religious traits, business practices, and proper etiquette would be the most important aspect when choosing to do business with another country. Being able to communicate effectively, build a trusting relationship at the pace of the people from other country will make a global manager successful.
The UAE clearly utilizes the core cultural dimensions (see figure 2); power distribution, social relationships, environmental relationships, time/ work patterns, and finally uncertainty and social control in the management of their organizations (Steers, Nardon and Sanchez-Runde, 2013).

Without any knowledge about the United Arab Emirates prior to working with the people would make it difficult to understand how they network, why their personal relationships are so important to build, as well as why their productivity has a longer time frame. Nevertheless this country is known for negotiating well and having successful business

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