Bandwagon Case Study

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A) The value when it comes to priority order within the steps of the screening process is as follow. This standard allows for proper evaluation of any product with processing in regards to the high importance of the safety evaluation process. With the access to readily available resources this permits further approval for any product and the FDA can easily pass along without any possible flags that would prevent a product to be released.
B) The reason for participating in a trade show or trade missions is due to the upfront decisions that can happen between two entities be it a corporation or government. Funds are utilized in a effective process that allows a plan to be executed and an acceptable goal to be accomplished. Draw backs as it goes
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The current market has evolved into where competition and related services has become available to many and the privatized has made more complications towards having a steady source of income with retention of the customers. One big issue is the internet, this new source to allow customers to not have to travel to receive the desired product has open a new source of income in such quantities that everyone is aiming to be on the bandwagon. Immigration for many countries has been a different occurrence that has improved and taken away from many markets where before isolation has made certain markets inaccessible. IV (20)
The Foreign/Free Trade Zones (FTZ): FTZ are ideal locations where trade and business opportunities can take place be it Person to Person (P2P) Business to Business (B2B) or Nation to Nation (N2N) in any event it can be a mixture of the above. These zones permit more than the safety needed towards any transaction
Counter Trade: is a means of trading that is in place of monetary gain, it is effective in places where money might change value faster than governments. These are more known around the world and used internationally to a great extent by many companies and nations. Countertrade is a vital marketing tactic since this enables firms to bypass trade barriers, obstacles of broken currencies and borrowing limitations, thus permitted to enter borrowed funds. Forms of Counter

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