The Unequal Conditions Of Women Essay examples

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The unequal conditions that women are facing in the workforce are ridiculous. If a woman has gone to college, gotten her degree, and has received a job in her field, she should be paid the same amount of money that any man makes doing the same job. It is truly hard to understand, as a woman that this type of inequality is still occurring in our society. I can only guess that inequality is still occurring because of the stereotypes that women have been associated with throughout history. Women have always been the one in the relationship to take care of the house and children. So, when women started to enter the workforce, men began to worry about the security of their jobs, because they were at risk of losing them to women. However, men are still more likely to be hired over women today and, of course, make more money than women. If people began to accept that times have changed and are still changing, then the idea that men are superior to women, would be a thing of the past. If the gender of people, who apply for jobs, was not made available to the employer, the person with the most credibility and experience would most likely be chosen for the position. If jobs weren’t based off of gender, then our society in result could possibly move towards giving fair pay to women who are just as experienced and qualified as men in similar positions. It has been found that women earn seventy-seven cents for every dollar that men make. Also, women who are full-time workers with…

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