Write An Essay On Women In The Workplace

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Women in India are finally slowly taking steps into the workforce. “Employment is critical for poverty reduction and for enhancing women’s status” (Srivastave, 49) However there are many little things that have stopped them in the past and still may be stopping them from going out and getting a job. Key factor being society and how society portrays you when you have a job compared to when you are housewife. As India progresses that old mentality is getting lost and more women are being allowed to get educated and work. Despite the progression, women still face vast amounts of inequality but not as much as in India compared to western countries like Canada and the United States. Rapes and sex trafficking are ruining women 's chances about going out in the workforce but many labour laws are put in process which help women advance more and more everyday.

Women in India for centuries now have been known to hold the role of housewives. Men were and still in some circumstances hold the
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Majority of the time men are still prioritized in the workforce. Men tend to get higher pay, better or easier jobs, more hours, more promotions etc. Women tend to get the lower paying jobs and the jobs that are in difficult or dangerous environment. The inequality started while woman were young and not able to receive proper education whereas the men were given the opportunity to get an education. Getting an education gives a large boost to the men which allows them to move forward more compared to the women. So in the long run men ended up getting better jobs just because they had an education compared to when woman tried to enter the workforce. Without this education women entering the workforce without an education are only left with the job that the men do not want. Upcoming to the 20th century, even if women did the same job as men they were still guaranteed to get the lower

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