Essay about The Types Of Nonverbal Communication

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There are many forms of social interaction in everyday life with all human beings. There are several types of nonverbal communication. Moreover social networking and privacy are used more repetitively in everyday life. Also social networks there are bullying and harassment. Dealing with social networks put your privacy in jeopardy. There are different statuses in sociology. To stat with silence is a form of nonverbal communication. Silence communication is messages sent without words. Being silence could be as loud as using words. Silence can express several emotions. For instance the way I look at my children and place my eye on their mess, tell them they need to get it cleaned up. Also when I am mad at my boyfriend, I don’t say a word and look everywhere except him that send a message. Another form of nonverbal communication is touching, touching can send powerful messages. Touching can send, good or bad messages. Being aggressive with someone is bad nonverbal communication. Gentle hugs or soft kisses send good communication. Touching should be harmless or. Facial expression is nonverbal as well. Facial expression isn’t always accurate. Facial expressions don’t show real emotions. Someone can show a happy facial expression and be sad. You could have a sad face and be upset. You could look excited and inside you could be sad. For instance, at my baby shower it was supposed to be a surprise and I already knew about it. The day of it, I was upset, but, as I…

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