The Truth Will Set You Free Essay

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The Truth Will Set You Free Would you still tell the truth even if it would hurt someone you love? I was afraid to tell in fear of how it would affect other people in my life. The truth became this ominous storm cloud threatening to downpour on me at any moment. But I couldn’t keep silent. It was prom night when I finally I freed myself from the guilt of silence. By the end of prom, the girls had sweat off the majority of their makeup and the boys were beginning to become uncomfortable in their tuxes. All eighteen of us crammed ourselves back into the limousine that would take us to the boat launch where we parked our cars for the night. It was refreshing to be able to unwind in the limo with the windows down to enjoy the cool air after the scorching June sun had set. My boyfriend was sitting to my right, and next to him was another couple, Jahed and Alicia. Tyler and I, had been together since eighth grade. Freshman year of high school we started hanging out with Jahed and Alicia. They weren’t a couple at first but Tyler pushed them in that direction from the start of our friendship with them. Things between the four of us could never be the same as they once were.
“Babe, Jahed wants to know if we want to go over to Alicia’s tonight to hangout?”
My stomach twisted. What was I supposed to say? I mentally debated keeping my mouth shut and going along with it as opposed to suffering the aftermath of this burden that had been weighing me down. Jahed watched me waiting for my…

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