Responsible For Their Own Fate In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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They are called the star-crossed lovers that took their own lives for love. Romeo and Juliet are the main character in William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. These two lovers at the end of the story both decide to take their own lives out of love. Many people wonder who is to blame for their death. At the end the Prince of Verona says that all are responsible for their death, but that doesn’t seem right. Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own fate because they never tried to be honest with their parents and weren’t able to see that their “Love” isn’t love it’s just attraction/lust.
A major thing that led them to their fate was they were never honest or forward about their love because they are star crossed lovers. Their families hate
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Love is defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection”, Romeo and Juliet thought that they felt this between each other. When in fact they felt lust for each other and they weren’t able to see that. You can clearly see that throughout the story/play. For example when Romeo and Juliet are about to get married the Friar has to struggle to get them to stop showing any type of affection. Even when he got them to separate you could still acknowledge that they want to continue showing affection. We as people can get confused between what feeling love towards a person and having an attraction towards a person, and in Romeo and Juliet they aren’t able to see that. It could be that they’re both very young and probably haven’t experienced true love or maybe they were blinded by their own attraction/lust for each other. No matter what the reason could be one of the reason they are to blame is they never were able to see that they didn’t truly love each other.
We as people can learn from Romeo and Juliet that keeping secrets from people in time of need can lead you into a worse situation than the you are in right now. Even if we keep secrets no matter what we and the other people involved with our secrets the only ones to blame when we end up in terrible situations. Hopefully it won’t be as tragic as Romeo and Juliet’s situation but we can all learn that our fate is based on our and

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