Essay The Truth Of The Bible

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The Truth of the Bible When I was younger, my beliefs about the Bible were heavily influenced by the people around me. I grew up going to church with my parents, attending Sunday School, and participating in various youth groups. I have attended several churches in my lifetime, the majority being of the Church of Christ denomination. As a result, I was raised with a conservative view of the Bible and Christianity. All of the establishments and religious experiences from my childhood had a profound impact on my faith, my personal beliefs, and my understanding of the Bible. Because of their influences, I grew up with a strong sense of reverence for the Bible. I viewed the Bible as the ultimate source of moral righteousness and religious power. I was taught that the Bible is not only the perfect Word of God, but that it is a Living Book as well. Because of my conservative and traditional church upbringing, my childhood self identified most with the Conceptual Inspiration and Dictionary Theories. As a child, I believed that the Bible was a literal transcription of God’s thoughts. My church background continues to influence my faith today, and I still uphold many of the conservative beliefs that was taught. At this moment, I believe that the Bible comes from God alone, that it’s words are a perfect representation of God’s desires for our lives, and that the Bible is a medium for the Holy Spirit to speak to us, teach us, and guide us. I believe in the Conceptual Inspiration…

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