The Trial Of The Jury Room Essay

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The film begins as we hear the judge’s instructions and see the young man we later learn is accused of murdering his father. The judge states, if there is a reasonable doubt you must bring me a verdict of not guilty and further says that it must be unanimous and the penalty is death. Twelve jurors, men of different classes with various backgrounds, file into the jury room given the enormous responsibility of deciding if there is reasonable doubt whether the accused young man committed murder. Davis (juror #8) takes his obligation to carry out justice seriously. We learn early on he is the only one to initially vote not guilty. He seems to fully comprehend the concept of reasonable doubt and the value of human life. Throughout the deliberations, he uses ethos, pathos and logos along with a calm and respectful demeanor to get the other eleven men to change their minds. He makes everyone believe that he entered the jury room having not decided whether the boy is guilty and we are never sure if he is convincing himself or the other jurors.
In the jury room while the majority of the jurors are talking about the case with one another while Davis is looking out the window pensively thinking. We hear many discuss how the case is open and shut, preconceived notions about the accused and more than one juror wants to get it over with as quickly as possible. The first vote for a verdict is taken and while some may hesitate to raise their hand, all but one votes guilty. Davis is the…

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