The Trend Towards Online Homework Essay

1340 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Abstract: This paper describes an innovative way of randomly collecting hand written homework in calculus classes with approximately 50 students using a standard deck of cards, which does not place an excessive burden on faculty with regard to grading. Besides the increased awareness students develop with regard to how to structure a mathematical solution, the strategy has been successful in increasing classroom attendance, which the literature suggests leads to increased attainment. Along with personal observations and empirical data indicating that the scores from the randomly collected homework assignments strongly correlate with exam performance, perceptions of students are included, which show that students are strongly supportive of the method used.

Keywords: Teaching strategies; gamification; homework; mathematical writing; attendance

The trend towards online homework in higher education is both undeniable and irreversible. However, a fundamental mathematical proficiency is the ability to structure an argument, and there comes a point at which those hoping to gain a degree in the subject must learn to write mathematics in a coherent, logically correct manner. Many studies have found ways to incorporate writing mathematics in courses that are primarily used to educate non-mathematics majors [7, 10, 17], or as special projects in classes such as History of Mathematics [1, 2, 19], where it is natural to assign essay based questions, but there are few…

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