Importance Of Training In Hotel Industry

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Management Training.
Nowadays, the hospitality industry is developing rapidly. A person with sufficient knowledge to work in this industry will never be unemployed, as the need for qualified personnel is growing.
In recent years, the wide expansion of services in hotels make a lot of opportunities in career promotion, and to hire well-trained personnel is seen as one of the main tasks of the HR staff. Keep good employees in the hotel is only possible if he/she will have perception of career growth, each new step which will be followed by an increasing in remuneration. In this case, hotel industry should develop their own training or developing programs. Typically, such a program should be drawn up for the employees of each business unit of
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The knowledge that student receives in class, may further be useful in practice, or different from the knowledge that he will get in a hotel. That’s why hotels have Management Trainee programs. Its existence allows the student to fully descend into life of the hotel.
Training should be clearly planned and held on a particular program developed for the professional category. For example, on a mandatory basis, each new employee (intern) should have orienting training designed to familiarize employees with the company 's history, the structure of the hotel, the principles of hospitality, the basics of corporate culture, safety rules.
No doubts, the training should be tailored to the specifics of the work, depending on the units and services. However, there are common elements in the training. For example, each employee (as Management Trainee) who works with the guests must follow the standards of behavior and appearance to be able to read and accept the standards and to maintain a certain hotel enterprise. Trainee should know basic principles of hospitality and service to ensure quality of service. Common trainings include developing of communication skills in order to build and maintain sustainable skills of interpersonal interaction in situations such as "guest - hotel employee" and "employee – employee”. Many hotels use etiquette trainings. Its’ goal is formation
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First, is developing of sales skills. Employees should know how to sell and promote product and service of the hotel to the guest. It is not just about sales, it is how to do effective sales to achieve maximum revenue. Second training is decision-making aspect. Here training manager or learning manager teach and help interns to build skills of interpretation analysis of the nature of the problems. Employees learn how to generate and evaluate operational modes of action and decide which solution is the most effective. Finally, the most important training in the Management Training program is conflict resolution where employee or intern develops his/her skills of comprehension of “signals” in conflict behavior in its initial stage. Learning managers train interns how to avoid the conflicts, as well as to come up with the effectiveness of its

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