Essay on The Treaty Of Versailles And Its Effects On The World War II

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After belittling Germany, putting her in severe financial distress and causing the Weimar government to fall apart, the nationalistic citizens of Germany thought it necessary to make a return and grappled on the little thought of resurrection and hope that Adolf Hitler brought with him. In a mere six years, the German dictatorial regime led to World War II. Such events like the unfair treaty of Versailles, the seductive Nazi propaganda, the sheer speed of the events as well as Britain and France’s ignorance made such a disdained event possible. Some scholars argue that World War II was a continuation of the first world war and that it had been inevitable whilst others argue that it could have been evitable if the League of nations took action against Germany’s decisions and if the treaty hadn’t been so harsh.
The treaty of Versailles, the reason for Germany’s downfall, was a huge contribution to the war. The Treaty held Germany and Austria-Hungary responsible for the entire conflict and imposed on them crippling financial burdens, loss of territorial ownership and isolation. Germany, was forced to demilitarize the Rhineland, abolish its air force, abolish its navy, reduce soldiers to 100 000 and admit to starting the war. Some scholars say that the terms of the treaty were unnecessarily harsh and led to mounting anger in Germany over subsequent decades, yet, was not the only cause to World War 2
The War guilt treaty especially angered the chauvinistic Germans which made…

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