The Causes Of The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles may have been written in an effort to stop World War I and bring peace between the opposing countries, but it 's outcome was much more harmful. Most facts show and support that the Treaty of Versailles failed in many ways, which therefore lead to World War I. Some facts that help me prove my point include, the treaty highly offended Germany causing them to want revenge, the treaty diminished Germany 's economy, and the treaty affected Germany 's military. All of these points show how the Treaty was responsible for World War II, and how it failed in many different ways. Also, these atrocities made Germany very vulnerable, and lead to the rise in power of Adolf Hitler. On the contrary, although the Treaty failed in many …show more content…
Some think that the Treaty of Versaille was not the reason World War II occurred, but rather that the world wide depression was the main reason. These people think that the Treaty of Versailles did not cause World War II to start, because the depression started it. “The economic problem after 1919 was not so much reparations as the shaky structure of international lending and, in particular, the shock of the world depression" (Two Cheers for Versailles). This quote shows how many people believed that reparations that Germany owed were not as important and effective as the world wide depression. The depression spread all across the world and left Germany, as well as others, in poverty that caused them to want change. This change was started by World War II in an effort to change the world wide poverty and depression. “Fragmentation since the war seemed to have harmed the region both politically and economically, especially once the world depression forced countries into an impoverished self-- sufficiency"(Two Cheers for Versailles). The world wide depression made many countries feel the affects of the First World War in full effect. World War I lead to a lot of issues between countries and caused funds to become scarce. Many countries spent so much money on their militaries in the first World War, and also had to pay for all the damage done in the war. “There is the accusation common to conservatives and Communists alike that the Versailles peace settlement was overly ideological" (Two Cheers for Versailles). This quote shows how also, many people believed that the treaty was thought to be as too perfect to work. This shows that the treaty had many good factors about it that obviously ended World War

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