The League Of Nations: The Cause Of World War II

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When Germany surrendered to the Allied Powers on November 11, 1918, it was known as the “curtain call” of World War I. Although Germany’s surrender can be tied to their inability to make a breakthrough on land or sea, three things ended World War I: The Treaty of Versailles, Wilson’s fourteen points, and the League of Nations. However, these things were ultimately the three causes of World War II, the continuation of World War I. These foolish choices and decisions caused by the Allied Powers helped set the stage for World War II.
The Treaty of Versailles helped stage World War II because of the foolish choices and decisions made by the Allied Powers upon forcing Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles. According to Article 231 of the Treaty
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The League of Nations can be easily compared to the Impossible Mission Force from Mission Impossible. But from a historical context, the League of Nations was an international organization designed to maintain peace, written into the Treaty of Versailles (“The Cost of War and the Price of Peace”). However, the United States rejected to be a part of the League of Nations because both the U.S Senate and the American people did not want their country to be a part of another world war and defend other countries from their own attacks (“The Cost of War and the Price of Peace”). While the United States had a highly legitimate reason to not be a part of the League of Nations, the organization started to decline, due to the United States’ absence with the League of Nations. According to Marcel Cachin from the CI activity card 7: Negotiations, “The defeat suffered by Wilsonism in the United States strikes at the very existence of the League of Nations. America’s place will remain empty at Geneva, and the two countries that dominate, France and Great Britain, are divided on almost every one of the topics to be discussed” (“The Cost of War and the Price of Peace”). Even though America had opted out of the League of Nations, it was ultimately up to the remaining Allied Powers to restore peace through their League of Nations. If America had stayed and helped expand the League of Nations to higher horizons with President Wilson’s knowledge, America could have helped the remaining countries in connection with the Allied Powers, to help restore peace the right

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