How Did The Treaty Of Versailles Fail

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Treaty of Versailles
The treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty that brought an end to world war one. The treaty was made by the allied powers with Germany not even allowed to attend the meetings to discuss peace. “Once finished the victors handed it to the Germans to sign or else” (_). The treaty was “so riddled with injustices that is soon had few defends” (_), the treaty put all the blame for the war on Germany and made Germany pay a large sum of money to the victors which made the German economy struggle. The treaty of Versailles war very important since it ended world war one, but it also was one reason Hitler was able to come into power and start world war two. The treaty of Versailles also created the league of nations which was made to prevent future wars but failed due to low support. The treaty put a huge burden on the German people which caused them to want revenge since they lost the Rhineland to France and had to pay a large sum of money, because of this Hitler was able to gain a large support since in the beginning his goal was to basically eradicate the damage the treaty of Versailles did to
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It was first proposed by Wilson as a part of his fourteen points plan. Even though Wilson proposed the league of nations the united states never joined the league. “The league of nation could keep peace only if its members were committed to use force against any country that was being an aggressor” (_). Although the league of nations was made to resolve conflicts and prevent another great war it however did not prevent the outbreak of world war two. The league of nations is important because it laid down the foundations for the united nations. One reason of the failure of the league of nations is because the united states never joined and cause it to lose much of its

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