The Transformational, Visionary, And Transformational Leadership Methods

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The aspiration to be an effective leader necessitates one to become knowledgeable in the various leadership styles. When describing the ideal leader, there are distinguishable characteristics that emerge. Upon review of the various leadership philosophies, the Transformational, Visionary, and Charismatic Leadership methods possess the attributes I consider is necessary to craft the quintessential leader. In addition, the combination of these leadership methods closely match my personal ethos of the leader I strive to become. Notwithstanding, I ascertain that the leadership styles individually are not perfect and are most effective when fused. On the other hand, the leadership philosophy I least identify with is the Free Rein (or Laissez-faire) …show more content…
Inspires people to reach for the improbable.
I declare the Transformational Leadership style is the foundation necessary for great leadership. Undoubtedly, while these eight characteristics are the cornerstones of a sufficient leader, there are additional qualities essential to come full circle.
As previously mentioned there are further merits one must possess to become the absolute leader. Political sociologists, Max Weber and James M. Burns concluded that visionary leaders possess a driving sense of purpose and confidence in their ability to achieve their goals while inspiring others to move forward. This leadership philosophy is recognized as the Visionary Leadership style and I maintain is a necessary element in the foundation of an efficacious leader. From President John F. Kennedy to Mahatma Gandhi, what one shall find is these individuals exhibit recognizable characteristic that separates them from ordinary leaders as they each had a vision of something greater than themselves. Great leaders tend to concern themselves not only of their vision but are also inspired by the desires of their followers. Solely a vision does not always make for a great leader and this is why I am led to consider Visionary Leadership is just a part of the salient characteristics required. Undoubtedly, these are essential traits indispensable to form the groundwork of leadership. Together they make a compelling argument for the requisites of a great leader. Nonetheless, the combination of these two styles alone does not warrant a complete leader as I believe there is another component

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