The Transformation Of The Roman Republic Essay

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Taking Over Rome: Someone Was Going to Do It

"Greatness might have cost the Romans their freedom, but it gave them the world" - Tom Holland Julius Caesar completely changed Rome. He initiated transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Without this morph in government, Ancient Roman culture as it is known to the modern world never would have existed. This is because the Pax Romana, during which Roman culture really developed, would not have been started by Augustus if Julius Caesar had not first set the groundwork for the Republic to become the Empire. The Republic before Caesar was a volatile and unstable place, and Caesar brought it out of this state. Although the Roman Republic seemed as if it was a stable form of government, its transformation was inevitable, and Julius Caesar saved Rome by initiating this transformation, bringing about the Pax Romana. Caesar was tall, had a "fair complexion, shapely limbs, a somewhat full face, keen black eyes," and was of very good health until his mid-fifties. He cared very much about his appearance and was thoroughly ashamed of his baldness. He was so ashamed, in fact, that he went as far as "combing forward his scanty locks from the crown of his head" to compensate for his lack of hair otherwise (Suetonius 23-24). Plutarch thought that Caesar was "admirably fitted by nature to make a great statesman and orator" (Plutarch 856). Also, he was not religious at all. When speaking of Caesar 's beliefs,…

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