The Traits That Have Made Me The Person I Am Today Essay

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Every individual on this earth is different. Not only biologically speaking, but also in the sense of our character. Our character, or personality, is the sum of all the traits that make us who we are. These traits are shaped throughout our lives. Six major traits that have made me the person I am today are: love and caring, temperance, courage, love of learning, justice, and spirituality. Each of these traits have been influenced by key incidences, both positive and negative ones, as well as by powerful role models. My sense of love and caring was shaped during an almost traumatic expiree in high school. Love and caring, to me, means showing deep affection or attachment to someone or something else. It is not necessarily about romance. Growing up for me, I always had trouble expressing love. I felt awkward telling someone else, even a family member, that I loved them. This all changed following an experience I had whilst I was in high school. It took place during my sophomore year. I was sitting in my algebra class when I got call forward to the teacher. She whispered to me “that my mom called and said there was a family emergency and that she needed to dismiss me from school”. My mind of course raced, thinking of all the possible scenarios that could have taken place. I soon found out that my dad had an asthma attack, and was having trouble breathing on his own. When I arrived at the hospital, I found my dad to be sedated, and lying in a hospital. I could hear the…

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