The Tragic Deaths Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Throughout history, we have seen race as a hindrance in our society, causing multiple issues. When the Civil Rights Movement was over, many probably thought that the issue of race and discrimination was over, but that is completely wrong. It is now 2016 and we have constantly seen signs that racism, prejudice and discrimination are still prevalent factors in our society. The Black Lives Matter movement has played an integral key in society by making sure that the people who have been killed are remembered and that their legacy lives on. What my paper will be focusing on is one of the tragic deaths that the media has discussed, specifically Eric Garner, and how the media portrayed his death and what he went through during his last moments …show more content…
From December 3 to December 7, there were many people who came out and created a discourse involving #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter. At the end of the study, the main use of the hashtag Black Lives Matter was used by many different groups, but mainly black youth. This gave these kids an opportunity to create a dialogue to express the ignorance and racism going on in America, especially from the murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. When the hashtag All Lives Matters were used in tweets, they were used mostly by white young girls. When discussing the usage of the #AllLivesMatter, Carney believed that these were prime examples of the idea of color-blindness taking its place in society. (Carney, 2016). Rickford’s article on Black Lives Matter digs into the foundation of the movement. Rickford explains how this all started, the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, and where it has led up to so far. Structural racism is a key component in this article because the layout of our society and racial hierarchy our society has created, not just from 2012, but since slavery was abolished in 1863 (Rickford,

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