The Black Lives Matter, Because All Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter, Because All Lives Matter
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” This quote explains that in order to be heard and make important events occur, individuals must fight for what they believe is right. As soon as the battle ends, so does the reason to fight. The quote from Martin Luther King Jr. relates to the Black Lives Matter campaign due to the fight for equality and independence among Black individuals. Overall, the Black Lives Matter movement is a strong fight for equality that represents how the white and black men view the issue of inequality and mistreatment, and it demonstrates how popularity can lead to positive historical impacts. In 2012,
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These stats show how, after all the hard work and dedication upon this matter, only a few believe it will be productive. Although few believe life will drastically change, they are willing to give it their all no matter the circumstances. Along with doubters, Black women have also tried sharing their views on the issue at hand. “Say Her Name,” is a trend created by Black females to share their police brutality encounters and allow others to hear and learn about their situations (Asoka). The launch has been a safe place for females to share experiences and traumatizing events with others, and has led to a brand new perspective on the BLM issue at hand. Black Lives Matter has taken action in attempting to solve the seemingly never-ending issue of racism while others fear being …show more content…
For example, in 2017, BLM activists published A Movement for Black Lives. This novel included a long list of demands Black individuals believe they deserve, and they state just how far they are willing to go to receive their demands (Peniel). The act of initiating demands is a strong and powerful action on their behalf. It shows strength and persistency to their goals and beliefs on how they deserve to be treated. Although, Brian Kilmeade characterized #BLM as “a murderous mob, hate group,” the BLM activists have never actually harmed anyone during their protests (Goldberg). Attempting to create unity and equality among others will always be tough and long-lasting, however, BLM activists are willing to withstand any turmoil that comes their way. In order to be equal and have real protection underneath the law, we must acknowledge that “Black Lives Matter because All Lives Matter” (Jones).
In conclusion, the Black Lives Matter movement is a fight for equality between whites and blacks, and it shows how devotion and popularity can lead to positive outcomes. Like Martin Luther, King Jr. stated, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” People must unite as one and fight for what they believe in. Without unity and strength, nothing would ever be changed in history. In order to create equality and freedom, Black Lives Matter must stand

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