The Critical Race Theory: The Influence Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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The Black Lives Matter movement has swept the nation ever since the unjustified murdering of Trayvon Martin in 2012. During this time African Americans and other minorities were vulnerable and frightened yet came together across the world to make a drastic difference for the justice of these innocent young and old lives. This harmless phenomenon has been recently targeted as being “racist” and a “hate group” yet the whole meaning of the name and purpose is to remind everyone that black lives matter too. For example, the Baltimore riots that occurred in the spring of 2015, were only trying to push the importance of Black lives not completely destroy their city and rebel. The significance of this is crucial in this day and age due to the injustices of the court and police system, we’re only trying to reiterate something that should be given to all people at birth. The Black Lives Matter movement is …show more content…
The study emerged way back in the 1970’s, via post Civil Rights era, which was expected to be clean of racial antagonists. (Crawford 111). This theory was commonly used during the investigation of Rodney King showing that he was in fact oppressed. The creator of the Critical Race Theory, Derrick Bell, said that “oppressors are neither neatly divorceable from one another nor amendable to strict organization” (Crawford 112). He has divided the theory into several subdivisions including a questioning of the dominant belief system/status quo; the centrality of experiential knowledge; and a multidisciplinary perspective. a commitment to social justice; the primacy of race and racism and their intersectionality with other forms of subordination. These different areas help the scholars very deeply investigate the unseen problems by a larger society that contribute to racism as a

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