Travon Martin's History Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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The Black Lives Matter movement began after Travon Martin, who, at 17 years old, was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, in Sanford, Florida. The case drew a lot of attention due to Florida’s self-defense and “Stand Your Ground laws.” Following Martin’s death, rallies, marches and protests were held across the nation and it turned into a media circus.
The facts revolving around Travon Martin’s character were questionable. On one hand, he enjoyed Aerospace Technology and inspired to be a professional football player. His grades were average at best and some teachers said “he had never shown disrespect and had good behavior.” However, at the time of the shooting, he was serving a ten-day suspension for having a marijuana pipe in his possession and an empty marijuana bag with residue in it. He had been suspended twice before, for tardiness and truancy because of marking up a door with graffiti.
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But nonetheless, a criminal with a lengthy record who made no attempt to improve his life. All rights should be taken away, yet the Black Lives Matter movement wants to give a criminal rights? Garner seemed like a peaceful likable guy. I am not questioning his personality — however, in a civil society criminal behavior is dangerous and puts innocent lives at risk. The police had every right to keep Garner under their radar because he was a criminal engaging in suspicious activity.
In Minnesota, Philando Castillo and his girlfriend were pulled over by a police officer for a broken tail light. Castillo possessed a valid permit along with a gun when he was shot to death by Officer Jeronimo Yanez. He had told Officer Yanez he had a concealed gun as he proceeded to reach for in his pocket to get our his license and registration. Yanez told him several times not to reach for his pocket, but Castillo continued to do so anyway. This would make any cop nervous no matter color a person’s skin. Hence, he gets shot and

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