The Tragedy Of My Family Forever And Triggered My Motivation Into The Wellbeing Of Human Kind

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I can vividly remember the incident from my childhood that changed the fate of my family forever and triggered my motivation into the wellbeing of human kind. It was the demise of my elder brother who fall victim to a malaria outbreak in 1986. Now, at this age I understand that the tragedy could’ve been easily avoided had my parents were well aware of the preventive measures that should be taken on those circumstances. Every so often, I ponder when people from developed countries discuss about healthcare problems and its limitations; do they really imagine how worse the situation can be, the disasters people bear in day to day life for being poor or even what an underdeveloped county resembles to? I was born and raised in a small village located in the southern part of Bangladesh, where almost every family suffers from pneumonia, tuberculosis, malnutrition or maternal and child related complicacies. Whereas countless people from my country succumb to death each year due to these calamities, most of these dire issues don’t even exist in the developed world and are highly preventable. Being the only privileged woman from my village to become a doctor, I truly feel the urge within myself to contribute in providing a better lifestyle to my people, the life expectancy that they deserve as human being. This is one responsibility that I owe them not only professionally but personally. And, Masters in Public Health (MPH) is the essential tool that I need to pursue my dream as well…

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