Essay on The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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The Title
How is it a Tragedy about Caesar? He died right away. So what about him. He really wasn’t even a big part of the play. It could have been titled The Menacing of Cassius, or The Indecisive Brutus, or The Two-Faced Mark Antony but it’s titled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. But again he died right away. But on the other hand without his death, Mark Antony wouldn’t have made his vows and the civil war wouldn’t have taken place. So it’s a toss up. First, the play is titled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, but it’s more about the decisions made by other people such as Cassius, Antony, and Brutus. Cassius gets more attention in the sense that he is the main conspirator and he brews up this whole idea and he’s the one who is power hungry and wants to assassinate Caesar. So in a sense if he wasn’t thinking the way he was none of this would have happened. Caesar would have become “king” and everyone would go on with life as normal. If he hadn’t dragged others into this none of the battles would have happened either so they would have also lived longer. So it could have been titled The Menacing of Cassius. Without him stirring things up nothing would have gone wrong. The second title could have been, The Indecisive Brutus, When he was asked to join the conspirators he wasn’t sure whether or not he could literally stab one of his best friends in the back. In act one, scene two, lines eighty-two to eighty-nine Brutus say, “I would not, Cassius, yet I love him well. But…

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