Marcus Brutus As A Tragic Hero Essay

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In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare, Marcus Brutus has the role of a tragic hero. He has the lead role in the assassination of Julius Caesar as well as a distinguished leader and a patrician of Rome. Marcus Brutus fits the model made and perfected by Shakespeare. His model, expresses the reasons on how Marcus Brutus is a tragic hero in the play. Elements of a tragic hero regarding Shakespeare’s model include a person of noble birth, one who suffers a catastrophe, along with one who has a tragic flaw which is when a trait such as pride influences the result of the catastrophe. Shakespeare, also explains that a tragic hero also has an inner conflict. Marcus Brutus, is the tragic hero in the play. William …show more content…
“...Age, thou art shamed! Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods! ...O, you and I have heard our fathers say, There was a Brutus once that would have brooked Th’ eternal devil to keep his state in Rome As easily as a king” (I,ii,150-161). Continuing through that a tragic hero must have a tragic flaw. Marcus Brutus has the tragic flaw of having poor judgment, because he so easily trusts people, such as the conspirators consequently causing Marcus to be ignorant and blind to the fact that they were planning to kill Caesar, not to better the government but for personal gain. If Marcus Brutus, would not have as much pride and patriotism for Rome then, he would not have decided to join and trust the conspirators in their quest to kill Caesar. With all of his pride for the democracy, he puts his country over his friends and family. He honestly suspected that Caesar would do harm to Rome’s new republic. So he went along with the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. Him and Caesar were friends but the loyalty to his country comes before that. Marcus Brutus believed that all the conspirators were planning to kill Caesar for the honorable reason, as to which …show more content…
By doing so, it make the characters seem more like real people that have opposing desires and may undergo some hesitation and doubt before acting upon a subject. Brutus is conflicted about the idea of turning against his friend and joining the conspiracy to kill Caesar or to not join and not be part of the slaughter of Caesar. Part of this issue is a result of Brutus being easily influenced and the certainty that Cassius is attentive to: “Who is so firm that cannot be seduced?” (I,ii,312). On the one hand, Brutus loves Caesar and clearly does not want to kill him, and enlist with the other members of the conspiracy to do such a duty. Brutus and caesar are friends and that is why it is difficult to join and kill him. On the opposing hand Marcus Brutus does want to join the conspiracy and overthrow Caesar. He wants to be part of overthrowing the great almighty Caesar, because he thinks that he will bring the roman republic down. As well as being a bad leader for their city. He is easily tricked and persuaded to join the conspiracy, for he believes that the other members are planning on killing him for the goodness of the democracy, the same reason he decides to join in with them on their quest. Brutus believes that if and when Caesar becomes king, it will give him too much power, and would not benefit rome with all his power at hand. With this title that Caesar may become, Brutus

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