The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare Essay

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In The “Tragedy of Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare Marcus Brutus is the main character. “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” is set in the ancient Roman Republic on the eve of the assassination of Julius Caesar. The play, Julius Caesar, is about a group of Roman senators who believe the only way to preserve the Roman Republic is to assassinate Caesar and to prevent an emperor from taking control of Rome and destroying the democracy of Rome. The play starts when Caesar returns from victory over the First Triumvirate and Shakespeare introduces the major characters of the play. Marcus Brutus is introduced as one of the more noble Romans of the time. Also, Brutus is one of Caesar’s more trusted friends but will eventually become one of Caesar’s murderers. A tragic hero is a character who suffers throughout the play or story. A tragic hero is a literary device that has been used in literature since the days of the ancient Greeks. A tragic hero is a person of noble birth who suffers a catastrophe during the play or story. That’s the traditional method of a tragic hero. Shakespeare used tragic heroes in many of his plays. Shakespeare used one element of the traditional tragic hero in which a person of noble birth is the tragic hero. Brutus fits this example of a tragic hero because Marcus Brutus’s ancestor Junius Brutus fought the Tarquin Kings, who were ruthless dictators and tyrants and kicked them off the throne and took away control of Rome from them long before the time…

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