The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare Essay

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When discussing The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare in the modern era, the average student will respond with the theme of betrayal and Caesar 's untimely death to the hand of his confidant, Brutus. However, the straight play contains many elements beyond that, such as honor, loyalty, duty, and true justice. Julius Caesar 's death is seen as the sole iconic event, considering the murder of the Roman statesman exists as a climax in the narrative, but it is not the only crucial concept to be taken from the famous English tragedy. Following his assassination, two dear friends come forward to speak on behalf of his passing: Mark Antony, most noted for his relationship with Cleopatra, and Brutus, Caesar 's disloyal friend. Their speeches greatly encompass the livelihood of the play: Brutus 's monologue emulating duty and honor, while Antony 's reflects devotion and recompense. Without these grand addresses, not only would Caesar 's legacy be tarnished by the rioting and strange notions of the plebeians, the plot would be unable to develop further and wholly resolve.

Brutus is the first to beg audience of the plebeians to explain the execution of the famed general Julius Caesar. 3.2 commences with Caesar 's funeral oration at the Roman Forum, Brutus leading a few mourning commoners to the pulpit to discuss what transpired. Almost masterfully for a man unversed with campaigning, the righteous Brutus begins by speaking of his honor, as it is the…

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