The Tragedy Of Evil And Evil Essay

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It is hard to imagine a world where evil did not exist. It seems to be that evil is always part of our daily activities, whether it be big or small. I always knew that evil was part of life but I never really understood the reasoning behind it. Till this day suffering and evil was never something that I questioned or wondered why it existed in a world that was created by God himself. I always found myself questioning the existents of God when things were going bad. I would questions his ability and the power he held. For example when I found myself praying and asking for guidance it seemed to be that I never got a straightforward answer or that my prayers were not answered. When I was younger I had the mentality that bad things happened to bad people. I believed that the reason bad things happened to me was because God was punishing me. I would blame the actions that I would take for the bad in my life. Similar to the Jewish people and the deuteronomic code I believed that I was getting punished for breaking Gods rules (Nichols,8/31). As I got older and gained knowledge in my religion and life I realized that God does not punish people. God loves every individual unconditionally that punishment is not part of his plan. Before Core nine I knew that evil in the world did not mean that there was no existence of God. I never blamed God for the suffering in the world. I did like any other person would, questioned why God would allow evil to exist or why he did not put an end to…

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