Malicious Thinking In Young Goodman Brown

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Young Goodman Brown, a man who decided to test his faith. He believes that his morals, and beliefs could never be changed. In reality, he never needed to challenge the path of goodness, if he stays on the same road, he will stay the “goodman” that he is, without malicious thinking. We are born pure, and with goodness, but through life we gain knowledge that distort our thinking. That was the case of Young Goodman Brown, he decided to go on the journey that he knew he will be tempted by malicious thoughts. Evil exist when people decide to take the wrong road, it is up to us if we decide that. Life always tries to tempt us to change our perspective and our goals. But, the best thing to do is to remember what is our goal in life, and what is …show more content…
The forest is were Goodman goes with all his faith and comes out with not any faith. Goodman is curious to find out the “temptation” in the forest spikes the ability to have an innocent view on life. “Faith keep me back a while.” (318) He is really faithful to his own beliefs and even his conscious is telling him to not go towards the forest because he is going to end with a heart in pieces. By looking at many things that he is not supposed to. The forest brings Goodman curiosity about his childhood, culture, and even the good religious beliefs he was thought. As Goodman goes into his journey towards the forest deep in the dark of the night in his trip he sees that many of the respectable members of Salem and even his closest friend and his dear wife has gone into the temptation of their own beliefs. The forest torment Goodman’s mind and soul. Goodman goes towards the forest with a big “Faith” of his beliefs, and community. In the end, the forest opens his eye to see that not everything in life is the way we expected things to be, but we must deal with it. Goodman is not able to deal with it; he was not able to see a dream from reality. He is tempted and want it to test out because he thought his beliefs were super strong and this journey would not have made him change his “good” beliefs, and he chooses the wrong way and he has to live depressed because he did not know how to

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