Summary Of The Devil In Hawthorne's Stories

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In both Hawthorne’s and King’s stories, the devils are portrayed in certain ways to show the effects of evil on the innocent. He used how a devil can be portrayed in a such a way that it can traumatize someone for the rest of their lives. The devil in King’s story was portrayed as more frightening and uncivil devil. He was meant to scare a young innocent boy named Gary by telling him lies that weren’t true. He scared this boy for the rest of his life even as he grew older he wondered if the devil would come back for him. Hawthorne’s devil was portrayed as a man with an evil personality. Although he was likeable , he was pure evil. Goodman saw this but everything he did did not help his situation. After his encounter he was changed for the rest of his …show more content…
Goodman’s encounter with the devil made him believe there was evil everywhere in everyone. In the woods he saw many people of whom he thought would never meet up with the devil. Goodman saw Goody Cloyse, the minister, and Deacon Gookin along with his wife Faith. He was shocked to see all these people meeting up with the devil because he thought they were good Christian people. The next day after the devil’s celebration, Goodman woke up in the woods and thought about everyone differently. He couldn’t view these people like he had before. As the minister bestowed a blessing to Goodman Brown, he “shrank from the Venerable saint as if to avoid an anathema” (Hawthorne 8). He snatched a little girl from a “grasp to fiend himself” (Hawthorne 8) from Goody Cloyse because he thought she was pure evil. Even with his faith in the lord all he could think about was the working of the devil. On sabbath day he couldn’t listen to the music because it was like listening to an anthem of sin. He viewed evil in everyone except himself. This lead him into a miserable life because he felt like he couldn’t trust

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