The Topic Of Online Education Essay

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The topic of online education has many controversies as to if it’s better, or worse than in-class education. In my personal opinion, however I believe that it’s better only when you have dedicated students. Having the freedom to choose when, and where you learn also comes with the responsibility of ensuring that you do the work. There are a multitude of perks to online learning along with even more drawbacks; some of which include that it is harder to receive help from an instructor, and it requires more dedication, on the upside however some things are better such as that it is less time restrictive, and you can work around your job schedule.
Online classes do have many negative aspects, such as sometimes you have students who are lazy and do not keep up on their class schedule. It is very difficult for many people to have the dedication that it takes to sit down, and study online for the equivalent of what it would be required with in-class education. Many students choose to go out with their friends, and push off their homework, because it is very easy to do when you don’t have an instructor there to keep you motivated. Another con of online education is that it is even more difficult for students to get help from their teacher, because they have to email the instructor and wait for a response. Along with this, many students also do not feel comfortable asking their teacher questions, because they do not have the face to face relationship like they do in class. However…

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