The Topic Of Child Abuse Essay

1088 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
While reading the textbook and powerpoints you have published, and reviewing the group discussions that have been posted by others, I realize how different every individual’s viewpoint of the world is compared to mine. The reality of this is enhancing my sense of various world views, to the point where my decisions and thoughts about certain situations have been reflected upon with different ideas, ones that may have not been established before this class. These changes of thought have been very enlightening, however, my overall character has not been changed, rather my ideology has been slightly altered for the better. The first subject that really captured my attention and got me thinking was the topic of child abuse. This issue occurs all over the world, in some places more than others, but it happens. I was always aware this matter was prevalent, but for some reason, I never really stopped to consider the issue. I am not certain as to why I put this idea aside, possibly due to selfish thinking or the fact that I have been sheltered from these realities of life. It is an extremely important topic and many people should be informed about it. I realized just how serious child abuse can be and how severe it can affect a child: the way they grow up afterwards, the social barrier they build between them and others, trust issues, and how in some cases the child decides to go mute, feeling unheard and unwanted. They become a totally different person and in most cases, these…

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