Essay about The Topic Of Abortion And Abortion

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The topic of abortion is something I feel strongly about, however with this strong emotion, comes quite a bit of internal confusion about what is morally right. When thinking about abortion years ago and what it meant, my first thought was how terrible it was that we could kill a baby. In my head that seemed like murder and something that was morally unjust. But I couldn’t lie to myself in the fact that if I became pregnant right now, I wouldn’t even think twice about getting an abortion at all. These two conflicting ideas weighed heavily on me as I began researching about the topic. It would be totally wrong of me to try and approach the topic from a pro life standpoint, knowing fully that I would get an abortion if need be, so in that case I decided to defend the pro choice side, while hopefully easing my mind about my personal choice as to why my thoughts aren’t so bad after all.
Imagine yourself at this age right now learning that you are a few weeks pregnant. Are you happy? Are you scared? Do you want to be a parent right now? What would your parents and friends think? Is the father of the child going to help, and what is his opinion? I don’t know about you, but as an eighteen year old freshman in college with many years of schooling ahead of me, I would be scared and I don’t think I’d be able to handle it. Yes, I am capable of carrying a baby health wise, and I would be able to take care of a child however, I have no desire to put a pause on my future at the moment.…

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