The Tobacco Industry And Its Effect On Society Essay examples

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Within the United States, according to CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of tobacco is one of the leading causes of disease, disability and death. For every several decades, the tobacco industry has tried to influence millions of people that smoking is casual, stimulating and completely harmless. Throughout history, the tobacco industry has created one of the most successful ads. According to Yanping Cui, Mao Ying and Hongqi Fan, writers of the Cigarette smoking practice and attitudes, and proposed effective smoking cessation measres among college students in China, state over the first half of the 20th century that cigarettes were at a steep increase. It wasn’t until 1964 when cigarettes reached their peak. Around this era, the cigarette industry began to see a shift of change within their system. Many driving forces began to project the truth about the harmful effects that smoking tobacco can cause. It was these leading factors such as … that caused cigarettes to have a declining social acceptance and legal restrictions. In 1941, a televised commercial, Cigarettes, debuted the first appearance of the substance. The commercial Cigarettes, made the product seem glamorous by showcasing a beautiful young Hollywood woman holding the product in her hands and having a puff. This commercial and many other advertisements gave the substance an image of relaxation and enjoyment but only for a few exclusive groups. Within the 20th century, mass production and…

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