Why People Smoke Cigarettes Essay

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In today’s society, a lot of people are smoking more than ever before, despite the warning labels on cigarette packages. People from all walks of life are smoking and it seems as if there is no end in sight. Honestly, society plays an important role when it comes to individuals who smoke cigarettes. People turn to cigarettes because of various stresses caused by society. For example many people learn and explore tobacco by word of mouth, or just because society perceives it the “cool” thing to do.
Despite the warning labels on cigarette packs there are many reasons people smoke cigarettes. Some people smoke cigarettes in order to gain popularity or fit in with other people. Many people smoke cigarettes for pleasure, improved performance, and
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Cigarettes are habit forming and can be very expensive, depending on how many packs of cigarettes a person smokes in a given day. Sometimes we might want to ask why some people smoke, especially when they know the dangerous effect of cigarette smoking. Tobacco use changes the character, the health, and the quality of life for individual. Every day, people ruin their lives and the lives of family members and friends, as a result of cigarette smoking.
Smokers tend to develop health issues from the use and abuse of cigarette smoking. Why must we lose family members or other people in our life that we care about because of the constant use of tobacco? We all know the danger effects of cigarette smoking, and many people fail to heed the warning signs. Cigarette smoking can tear a family’s home apart, cause severe illnesses, and even death. Substance use and substance abuse often start with a simple tobacco product, such as cigarettes or marijuana.
Cigarette smoker can start using marijuana in order to reach a higher level of pleasure. It is a known fact that cigarette smoke does not harm just the smoker, but other people that are around the smoker, and/or in the smoker’s presence. There are three main substances found in tobacco smoke. They are nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. The nicotine in tobacco is very
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An addiction is a physical or mental need for a drug or other substances. Using tobacco is a very unhealthy habit, and the need for more nicotine is strong. As the smoker’s body becomes more accustomed to the drug, he or she needs it more often to feel its effect. Cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine and other drugs according to some smokers that I know.
Many people are diagnosed with nicotine addiction from the constant use of cigarette smoking. The best decision a person with a nicotine addiction can make is to seek professional help to prevent nicotine addiction. Many smokers know that smoking is unhealthy and want to stop smoking, but they do not know how to quit. “There are more than 24 different smoke related diseases and 10 different forms of cancer reported from the constant use of cigarette smoking.” Some of the diseases include Asthma, Emphysema, CHF, COPD, and Bronchitis.
Warning labels on cigarette packages are among the most common means of communicating the dangerous health risks of smoking. Smokers are not fully informed about the risks related to smoking. Warnings that are graphic, larger and more comprehensive in content, are more effective in communicating the health risks associated with smoking. By avoiding tobacco products, a person is more likely to remain much healthier and more attractive and will live longer. Tobacco stains the smoker’s teeth, and the smoker’s fingernails and the smoker’s clothes smell bad,

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