The Three Essential Principles You Need To Become An Extraordinary Leader

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Opening paragraph: State the title, author(s), and date of the book. Summarize what the book is about. How is it related to leadership? Why did you select this book?

The book I chose was entitled, Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders: The Three Essential Principles You Need to Become an Extraordinary Leader written in 2011 by Rajeev Peshawaria. The book gives you a guideline on what it takes to be a successful and effective leader. He believes that for leaders to be successful they must follow these three principles:
1. Identify sources of unlimited emotional energy to fuel themselves (energize yourself)
2. Enlist a few co-leaders and align their energy toward a shared purpose (energize the core team of co-leaders)
3. Galvanize the energy
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Peshawaria states you must define your purpose and values before you start to energize yourself. They are: What few things are most important to me, do I want to, what results do I want to bring about, how do I want people to experience me, what values will guide my behavior, and what situations cause me to feel strong emotions? Those questions alone has me re-looking my definition of leadership. He seems to think we got the definition wrong because we are basing it off the fact that leadership is based on positions of power and can be taught through models and …show more content…
With the word of toxic leadership thrown around like candy and our current leaders preaching the Army Operating Concept and Force 2025, this would be a perfect book to develop leadership styles. This author worked, observed and taught at several Fortune 500 companies and later taught about his experiences with these companies. I believe that Army leaders do not really know the true meaning of leadership. They know the outcomes of it and confuse it with leadership. A Soldier, peer, or co-worker will work for you all day long, because they are suppose to, but they do not have to follow you or believe in your leadership style. This book will help others energize themselves and others to find their

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